122, High St, Kinver, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY7 6HL Tel: 01384 877744

EDIT: 31st July 2011:

This restaurant is still exceptional, as a visit last night confirmed. Perfect food and friendly staff, superb stuff. Curry and mint Raita a little on the sweet side for most peoples tastes maybe, but not mine….still a strong:

Reviewed by: Andy (April 2007)

On a sunny early spring evening I got the taste for something spicy. Yes. A Curry.

So, with a burning need to add a new review to Yellowfingers my wife and I headed off to neighbouring Kinver of all places. A long way from the Brummy “Balti Belt”.

We’ve been in ‘Sizzler Spice’ before (review coming soon) but I had heard one good report of Shimla, and decided to give it a go……

Is it any good Thats what you want to know right Yes its good. Monday to Thursday you get the following for currently 7.50 a head: A starter of your choice (not King Prawn or Lobster), a main course, a Naan bread of any type….plus rice…….plus a side dish……still with me ……..plus coffee. For 7.50. There is no such thing as “too much” 😉

Quality Very good. Well cooked, tasty, and up there with the best. My Chicken Sashlick Bhuna was just fine.

The Menu Extensive. The service Excellent, polite, and we did not have to wait long for our food to arrive.

However…..there is a ‘but’ coming….

I can understand people needing to smoke. Its an addiction. But (there you go) there are times and places. I thought this was banned in restaurants now If not, it should be. If you need a fag, go outside.

Oh, and the decor is currently being changed so, for the time being don’t expect any wallpaper to look at, but don’t let it put you off going either.


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