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Yellowfingers on tour!
Our annual visit to Tenby means I get to review the third and most hidden curry house in one of my most favourite holiday destinations.

Located out of the ancient town walls, Barbucci is regarded as something of a secret gem.

Once you have found Barbucci, you visit a superbly colourful subterranean restaurant with an outstanding centrally located water feature.


If you didn’t know it was here, at the top end of town by the railway station you would never visit, but the locals know it’s here and on a sunny but chilly early Wednesday night, it was quite full.

The food stands up to anywhere else and I left feeling full and fulfilled.

Prices for appetisers begin at £2.60 while a standard main course is around a very reasonable £6 – £8. It’s licensed and drinks are quite expensive with a 660 ml Cobra beer coming up at £4.50.

I began with crispy onion bhajees and a main course of mixed tandoori dhansak from the ‘hot’ section of the menu. And hot it was in terms of spicy hot. The spiciest dhansak I have ever had! However it could have been hotter in terms of heat. It may have been standing around a while.

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Generally though everyone enjoyed what they had. Whether it’s worth the walk out from the towns centers other two Asian restaurants I guess is down to whether you want to try somewhere else or not. It’s no better or worse than those.


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