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About 20 years ago, this restaurant was one of the few Balti restaurants outside of the Balti Belt and Lye held with any real regard.

Back in the day it had glass topped tables, with menus underneath and a real ‘transport cafe’/sweet centre feel to it. In other words, an authentic ‘real’ balti house.

Back then, in my opinion it was one of the best, and visiting in 2010 can confirm that although those tables have been replaced by more modern examples and decor, if you want a cheap Balti, it still is one of the best.

I’ll tell you why.

There are things, subtle differences, in Royal Adeel that you just don’t find anywhere else. Starting with the way, unchanged since my last visit all those years ago, they present the complimentary onion and yoghurt dip. The stuff you would get with popadums normally? Well here it comes sans said big crisps,and as a free starter instead…onions in a yoghurt mint sauce that you use as dip. In go your fingers, out come the onions. In all honesty the sauce was a little sharp. But I’m not docking points for that…

I’ll tell you why in a bit…

On the menu there are Sheesh kebabs for 85 p.

Yes, 85p.

Less then one English pound.

There are no frills. No salad. You just get one. And Microwaved for speed. You’d think this is a bad thing? Well maybe, but one was just enough, it was lovely and spicy, so I’m still not docking points.

I’ll tell you why next…..

Its the flavour of the actual Baltis themselves (oh yeah, did I mention that this was a real balti house? The menu is specifically balti related). They are unique. I can’t really explain. I’ll try. Hows ‘rich and gratifying” sound? Full of flavour. Not too much sauce, plenty of meat and/or veg. Unchanged in the last 20 years and still as good. More-ish. Delicious. Different. Hows that?

Oh yeah, and the naans taste different too, floury, not too sweet, not so much ghee involved, at least on the plain ones anyhow, just ‘different’ and not at all in a bad way.

If in Brierley Hill on an evening, for me, this is my restaurant of choice.

There are two new establishments just opened down the road for me to try, and for you to maybe be tempted by, but really, at the moment, I still have ‘Royal Adeel’ so why go anywhere else?



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