22 Forgate Street

Worcester, WR1 1DN

T: 01905 28989

On a rainy Sunday night after a week-end blokes boat trip….all good things must come to an end and they ended in Cafe Mela, which was chosen because, well, it wasn’t that far from the canal basin.

We had spent the weekend cruising and, yes, boozing around the Droitwich ring, which I would recommend to anyone for a long weekend.

I must admit, the menu here is not your usual curry house menu and has some interesting choices, Naga ka anyone?

Its quality too and mostly all dishes look awesome:

however I think I chose the wrong main course as it was not to my taste -it may be to yours though….Chicken Tikka Balti Masalla which was oddly sharp…like, um vinegar? Cool if you like that kind of thing, but not for me.

No one else complained though so this is a strong 4 star. I have a Neice who lives in the fair city of Worcester. She says ‘This is one of my faves in worcester!’ which is OK by me…check it out!

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I went to this restaurant recently with a group of travel weary friends and had a great meal for a great price. Good range of dishes to chose from and like main review some unusual new ones to try. Would recommend and would go again.