92, Church Avenue, Clent, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 9PL
Tel: 01562 882456



Clent is a small rural villiage nestling away in the hills of the same name, to the south west of the Birmingham/Black Country conurbation. Years ago, factory workers from the industrialised towns used the Clent Hills as a weekend escape from their hammer-and -nails working life. The Clent Hills are still a great place for rest, recuperation and activity to this day.

So it is a little strange to find a Bangladeshi Tandoori restaurant at the foot of the Clent Hills, and is something of a secret that I have been dying to discover and sample for quite a while.

When you enter the main waiting area/lobby it could be mistaken for any other Indian Restaurant in the vacinity, but it is only until you are seated does it become evident that it deserves the name ‘Jaipur Cottage’ as it could pass for a tea-room, with its wood beams and horse-brasses, or indeed, a country villiage cottage, which, I suppose it is.

So onto the food. Its OK. As good as you would get anywhere, no better, no worse. I tried the non-vegetarian Thali which was a sampler mix of three dishes available- the Lamb Pasanda Nawabi -very mild and creamy, the Chicken Tikka Masalla (Strangely sour, but not unpleasant) and the Prawn Bhuna , medium, quite tomato based, nice enough, but the same as available in any other curry house in the West Midlands.

I guess the main comment from the rest of our party with their chosen dishes was…’meh, its just ok…’

I did find my starters at little bit lacking in content, two very small peices of Tikka, an average sized Shish and a larger than normal quantity of salad, so take from that what you will.

Prices are a bit high, at 7-8 for a main course, and it is licensed, offering both Cobra and Kingfisher as the Indian style lagers to compliment your meal and cool your Biriany down a bit…

Would I make a return trip Well, yes, if I was in Clent, but I think the fact that I was eating in a Jaipur Clent ‘Cottage’, horse brasses or no, is not enough of a gimmick or a reason to go out of my way in future when there is so much elsewhere.


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