43 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2

Tel:+353 (0)1 475-5011


This restaurant with regard to atmosphere and decor suggests a high class establishment.

My starter consisted of spiced Mackerel . This was adequate but in my view somewhat low on the advertised spice.

Main course was Chicken Jalfrezi with a garlic Naan bread , the chicken was excellent
and the sauce well spiced and tasty without the burn factor you sometimes get.

The only thing lacking was enough green pepper in the sauce, it was ok but the meal seemed to consist of chicken and sauce with not much else.

The naan was excellent, of fluffy texture and full of garlic.

Overall a satisfying meal with none of the floating gee I so hate in Indian restaurants.

Prices on average Euro 4 -6 for starters and Euro 16- 18 for mains. Expensive by UK standards outside of London but normal for Dublin.



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