64 Windmill Hill, Halesowen, B63 2BZ

64 Windmill Hill, Halesowen, B63 2BZ

People say you always remember where you were when Elvis Presley died.

Well, believe it or not -I was in Vakas!

…or what was to become Vakas, anyway.

It used to be my moms friends greengrocery shop where she had a job serving on Wednesdays back in the seventies. Nowadays its one of Colley Gates’ two long established Balti houses (The other being ‘Chinnar’, just down the road).

It’s had a small recent refurbishment to make it more contemporary – new high-back chairs, trendy wood tables, you know the score.

I have avoided it in recent times due to a visit around 10 years ago where a curry I had was very tomato based.

I’m happy to report that my visit last night was better, a cheap and cheerful curry house with some main courses being? just over a fiver!.

I had a Balti Chicken Tikka and Prawn (silver plated bowl- l like the old wok black style ones) and it was pretty good, nothing mind-blowing – just good. Not too tomatoey, a bit peppery, well cooked with plenty of prawns and chicken. My Onion Bhaji came in the flat Pattie stylie and was crispy, not too stodgy with an underlying spice heat. The Chappatis were crispy in places (a good thing in my book) and large enough for me to use as a scoop till my balti dish (silver plated….) was empty.

There are friendly waiting staff who are happy to be of service and exchange polite banter with you.

It’s never going to win any Michelin stars but who cares. A good example of a real style Balti house that has no big pretentions and you gets what you pays for.

Its bright, relaxed and the piped asian music is not too loud (however if it too loud, your too old 🙂 )

Its Unlicensed so take your own booze in.

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