316 – 318 High Street, Harlington, Hayes, Middlesex,UB3 5DU

316 – 318 High Street, Harlington, Hayes, Middlesex,UB3 5DU

TEL: 020 8754 1414

Very good Tandoori restaurant close to Heathrow Airport which means its excellent for inbound visitors to this? scepter’d isle who want to try the national dish.

A clean, beautifully furnished eatery who bring well spiced main courses to you in copper style dishes -a little different from the norm…

I had a Chicken Tikka Balti, and as I was 100 miles away from home and the Balti belt, was happily surprised with this little part of the capital cities take on the dish – lots of sliced onions and peppers , the chicken nice and tender.

My companions enjoyed theirs too, and next time we visit, we would probably return….unless someone can recommend somewhere better still?

Not world changing, but definitely no complaints, and good value on a Tuesday night.



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