Valberggata 14, 4006 Stavanger, Norway Tel:+47 51 89 39 35

Inside the India Tandoori
Inside the India Tandoori

This restaurant is situated in the commercial centre of Stavanger in Norway.

The d cor is what we would term traditional but without the usual music.

My meal consisted of chicken Jalfazi a number of differences were apparent from the uk right from the beginning rice came automatically and the dish was offered medium , spiced or hot.

The food itself was excellent the Jalfazi itseif had both green and red peppers in it something I consider a must for this dish. Also present were carefully cut strands of ginger and the chicken itself had been skewered and marinated separately.

The sauce was heat with taste without a hint of floating gee something I hate.

All in all an excellent restaurant. One word of warning Norway is not cheap, a main course, rice,naan and two drinks cost 40.00.



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