50, High St, Kinver, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY7 6HE

Tel: 01384 877448

Review by Simon

Forget the rest, this IS the best. As a curry lover and self confessed expert I can highly recommend The Kinver International. I do browse and window shop curry eateries but after trying them all I keep coming back here. My favourite to start is the mixed tandoori platter but I opt for sheek kebab x 2 and tikka, followed by the moreish south indian garlic chilli chicken (madras -vindaloo) any hotter and my chest hair melts… accompanied with mushroom pilau and the obligatory pile of poppadums. The main course sears through with garlic and tingles the senses and leaves you wanting more… give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Yellowfingers

This one time I was in Kinver, and having been to the fantastic Shimla, and the now defunct (and not particularily missed) ‘Sizzler Spice’, fancied trying the other Indian restaurant in Kinver village.

So we grabbed a take-away menu and headed off to the Bathams pub across the road to study it hard.

The menu is fantastic and tempts you with a myriad of delights…

To be honest though, the menu is actually better than the food that you get served as it was pretty run of the mill stuff at the end of the day…I nearly didn’t write this review because it was a bit unmemoriable.

I do recall there being tons of salad when you order a starter, but you didn’t get a big portion of the starter itself. Very odd tasting mint raita too….


My wife had a Badam Pasanda which she has enjoyed elsewhere, but not so much here…I can’t even recall what I had (I wasn’t drunk!)

Try it if you like but I do think that Shimla has Kinver all sewn up for now -there is a new restaurant opening soon though in the village.



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