148 – 150 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6DG   Telephone: 020 77392645


We were in London for the High Voltage music festival in Victoria Park, and as we were down for the weekend decided to try a local restaurant.

Like everywhere these days, there is a large choice of eateries in the East End, and this has had good reviews elsewhere so this was chosen for the Yellowfingers treatment.

A contemporary restaurant, obviously going for the young business and party people crowd, we were encouraged by the number of Asian folk eating here. It must be good if the local Asian community use it, right?

The menu here is not extensive, but I think they are going for quality over a massive choice -which I am told is a ‘good thing’.

So, I chose a Onion Bhaji starter followed by a Murgh Madras main course, accompanied by a Tandoori Roti.

Unfortunately my Onion Bhaji was cakey, almost supermarket shop bought style, and my Roti was very dry….it reminded me of a Jacobs cream cracker…not right surely?

My main course was perfectly acceptable, however I find the staff not clearing away the starter plate, and leaving you to use it for the main also, a little odd….Is that a London thing or did they forget?

Is it just me, but does all chicken in London Curry restaurants all have a smokey barbecue flavour? Thats not a criticism by the way. I quite like that, but as a Midlander, it’s just not what I am used too….

My companions rated this restaurant pretty highly, The vegetarian in our party raved about her Tadka Dall, and my buddies Tandoori Lamb chops looked, and I am told tasted, exceptional.

So for me, its a ‘meh’ three out of five….for everyone else, a strong ‘four’ I guess….as I’m webmaster and the boss of this site I’m giving it…



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