205 High Street, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 8Jz

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Hmmmmm……starting to smell a……

If restaurant owners or staff want to big up their restaurants -not a problem, but please be honest about it. Sell yourselves, its free advertising for your venue I guess- the public will also review and let us know if you’re really good or not.

A few of the following reviews are from similar email addresses, but with different reviewer names…..I’ll review it myself with an impartial review as soon as I can folks…apologies if any of the following are genuine.

….anyway Visitor review from David Earnshaw:

I visited this restaurant tonight , it was a busy Friday night and i hadnt booked and when i arrived the restaurant was virtually, but i was found a table for one immediately and even though the place was heaving service was excellant and so was my food , fresh,oil free and very pleasant.
My cobra beer was also excellant .

Visitor review by John Jason Rogers

We visited this restaurant last night for the first time and where astounded at the high quality of food,service and decor.
We hadnt booked but where found a table immediately, drinks where ordered and arrived promptly, all the staff where very attentive and our food arrived it was probably the best indian meal i have ever had, fresh tasting, herby with a rich sauce in my curry , very little oil and it was a absolute pleasure and wifey confirmed hers was the same .
First time but definitely not the last time .
P.s the restaurant and toilets are spotless which is also a bonus.

Visitor review by Peter Jameson

I visited garam masala on saturday at 7pm , the place was heaving , we hadnt booked but where asked to take a seat in their lounge until a table became available.
We indulged in two pints of cobra whilst waiting which was just a few minutes.
The decor and ambience is amazing with a huge bar and 100’s of bottles of liquor.
The moment we where seated a platter of poppadoms and condiments arrived wich was accompanied by a wonderful lime pickle.
Absolutely fabulous
We ordered our meals ,chicken tikka bhuna and lamb jalfrezi which arrived promptly and where excellant with lots of fresh flavours as was our nans and rice.
Visiting the toilets is a plus here, they are of a really high standard,better than most of the 5* hotels ive visited.
The price for this veritable feast including drinks 20 quid
A total bargain

Visitor review by Kiran Kaur

I visited this restaurant last night, the restaurant is absolutely stunning with spacious tables and a huge bar.
All the food was lovely , really pleasant and fresh.
The staff where very accomodating and service was exceptional.
Definitely a place we will go back to time after time.

Visitor review by Sam Houston:

I visit this restaurant at least once a week
It is a little more expensive than most of the others in Lye, but the quality of the food is exceptional as well as service.
Its a no rush type of restaurant where u can imerse yourself in the ambience of real Indian food with one of the England’s largest liquor bars.
They claim to have over 1000 different varieties in stock.
carling,strongbow and john smiths all at 1pound a pint.
All the food is cooked only after you order it but thats not a problem coz you can indulge in a few drinks.
P.S checkout the loo’s absolutely fab.

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