178-179 High Street, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 8LH


“Don’t be in a hurry, if you come to Harrys” is what I have been advised my lead-off to this review should be by my Cousin, who suggested we try this contemporary restaurant yesterday evening.

The food is superb, and as the restaurant and staff are apparently ex ‘Laxys Of Lye’, this is of no wonder. I chose a Tikka Dansak as below.

Its well presented and cannot be faulted at all for quality. Delicious main courses are completed by nan breads, which come sweet and fluffy.

It was a busy evening straight after Christmas , and on entering I noticed the restaurant was at least three-quaters full. There was a party of at least twenty by the door who were being looked after by the staff and all the time people were calling for take-aways.

Now all this would be fine if seated customers were served within a reasonable time, but these places must decide who they are catering for, because a wait of an hour for a customer to be – not served – but just for their order to be taken, while take -away customers come and go, is dreadful, to be honest.

I truly believe that if you want a take-away, you should go to a take-away and not buy one from a sit-down restaurant. Restaurants , I think should serve seated customers in PREFERENCE to take-away cusomers, or not offer this service at all from the restaurant, because no-one really wants to wait over an hour for food.

We had to chase the restaurant staff just to get them to take our order, so this is something this restaurant need to take on board.

However once we got through this stage, it was served by polite and understanding staff, so its not all bad news.

Its not licenced so bring your own, but bring a lot of it because you could be in it for the long haul.



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