44 High St Pershore, WR10 1DP Tel: 01386 555357

44 High St Pershore, WR10 1DP

We were in Pershore on a Dragon Boat racing week-end with the social adventure group Spice Uk and decided to use this as an excuse to get our fingers yellow.

So we chanced upon this great Tandoori “The Shunarga” and paid it an unannounced visit on a Saturday night.


The menu here is very unusual and has many exotic sounding dishes, not least an “Indian Pasta” dish. One of our party chose a delicious King Prawn starter that appeared to have been dressed in fine egg thread noodles. My main course was a meat feast, Tandoori Chicken Leg, Chicken and Lamb Tikka in a minced Lamb Bhuna Sauce.


The presentation of the food was very good and the quality cannot be faulted.

Heres a tip. Don’t eat here if you are camping with your missus. The weather in the tent is likely to turn windy in the middle of the night and you won’ be Mr. Popular. Just Mr. Stinky.

On the whole, very much worth a visit if you are in the village . Enjoy.


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