3 Hillfield Road,Selsey,PO20 0JX

Tel:01243 602243/605799

I happened upon this restaurant during a business trip, and decided to give it a try, on a miserable 2008 summer week-day.

The starter consisted of Chicken Tikka and this arrived in record time, all the pieces were the same size so this suggests a microwave job rather than something cooked fresh in a tandoor-not good.

For the main course I elected to try some thing different , ‘Ko e ayed’, and this was exactly how it was spelled on my receipt.

The dish was advertised in the menu as a lamb based dish with brown onion, in reality I got what I hate the most – a few pieces of lamb floating round in a sea of gee. When this happens the taste is nearly always the same – unpleasant, and this occasion was no different.

On the whole , disappointing.

Licensed and Air Conditioned


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