132, High St, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 1DT Tel: 01384 372076

Reviewed by Andy
Saturday 03/07/2016

Well….its been ten! years since my last visit looking at the below. Bloody hell I’m old and have been doing these reviews a long time.

So, whats it like these days…..its great. Don’t be put off by the doorway or stairs looking dodgy, its still somewhat of an hidden gem.

We shared a mixed starter which was very very well presented, well cooked with crunchy onion bahjis followed up with a Chicken Tikka Sashlick Curry, again very good -not hot spice wise but very flavoursome.


The waiters are very polite.

They need to sort out their physical printed menus as they are not very professional looking.

Fairly cheap and licensed.


Reviewed by Andy
Wednesday 16th February 2006 and we are the first customers of the evening in this popular high street restaurant.

It has been recently refurbished to give a modern feel, with wood flooring, square wall lighting and white linen and pink tablecloths.

The waiters were friendly, and we had there undivided attention being all alone.

Popadums were crisp and fresh, and the Starters were excellent. I had the superb Nargis Kebab while my wife had Mixed Pakoras.

I followed this with a tasty Balti Mixed Tikka and a Keema Naan, while my wife had a Lamb Passanda Badami.

Criticisms Well, the curries were very ‘saucy’, i.e. lots of liquid, however at least they weren’t tomato puree based.

On the whole, pretty good.



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