1, Crackwell St, Tenby, Dyfed SA70 7HA

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This restuarant is located right at the top of the high street where it forks into Crackwell Street.It is located on two floors, with seating in the bay window overlooking Tenbys North Beach and Harbour.

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The food is superb, and was very well presented indeed. Check out the icing sugar swan on the desert (excellently modelled by Wendy).


Unfortunately, during busy periods this suffers from the same problem as many many restaurants nationwide -customer experience flies out of the window to be replaced by the restaurant wanting to take as many covers -bums on seats -as possible.

They were handing us the bill before we had even finished our desert! If we had given them our coats to hang up I’m pretty sure they would have been giving us them back as soon as we had downed our forks in order for us to vacate our seats so the next punter can have them. And we Booked!

This makes the experience of going out for a meal on a Saturday night Crap to be honest. What if we had wanted coffee What about having a relaxing night out Why is it all about takings and nothing to do with customer experience

Do you think I’m wrong ?

Is it Ok for restaurants to do this on a Saturday Night ?

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Its a shame. The food was great.

4 stars for the food

No stars at all for the experience of eating there on Saturday -unless you get the bay window seats and are not kicked out of your seat before you have finished.



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