The Lounge Oldswinford – Indian Restaurant | Cocktail Bar & Grill | Oldswinford.


Update! Spring 2017 – Currently closed for 6 weeks for refurbishment.


My first review in what seems like forever. The Lounge in Stourbridge.

This used to be Mr Kans Chinese restaurant, which was always great but for some reason was never busy – hence I guess it folded. Its now ‘The Lounge’ serving Indian cuisine and its very good.

I was a little worried at first as it was almost empty when we arrived but by the time 8-9pm came round most tables were occupied.

The serving staff are extremely polite, friendly and all willing to help in any way.

I ordered the Onion Bahjis to start, very crispy, served with salad and a selection of the usual sauces. Probably my only criticism is that the mint raita style sauce was not sweet enough for my tastes.

Portion sizes are bigger than what you get in the other local restaurants so make sure you go in hungry else you will be taking some home for later.

That leads me onto the main course. The spectacular ‘Stourbridge Sizzler Mixed Grill’. This is ‘Man Versus Food’ territory. The menu states that it serves 1-2 persons. It would serve 1 ‘if’ you don’t have the starter, or bread from the Indian Bakery. If you do have starters be prepared to be leaving some, or taking some home in a carry-out because its humongous. Its my supper tonight-yum!

It consist of two shish kebabs, chicken wings, chicken tikka, topped with a spicy pork steak on a bed of fried onions served on a skillet. Excellent for those with appetites like mine, all well cooked and delicious. The Tandoori salmon sizzler is also well worth sampling – again, you get loads!


This is also a cocktail lounge and is somewhere different to your usual balti house – its fully licensed with a wide range of drinks. Recommended.


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