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I follow a local football team called West Bromwich Albion. They are doing quite well at the moment, so myself and a couple of buddies decided we would go and watch ’em play on a cold Monday Bonfire night.

This isn’t a review of that though, no….its the beginnings of a review of The Vine, about a mile or so away from WBA.

I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, and visit a pub that was recommended to me -and is also quite famous apparently – for its food – its Indian/Asian food.

What I can tell you is this. I will be going again, to really try it, but certainly not on a match night.

It looks small from the outside but is absolutely massive inside. That doesn’t help though, when the entire WBA fanbase appears to have shoe-horned itself in, hungry for beer and Indian BBQ food. Really, I was ready to abandon any hope of eating there as the queues were horrendous and it was shoulder to shoulder rammed.

But my mate podged the beer queue, got three pints of Holdens Golden Glow in, while we queued for the Chicken Tikka BBQ and Naan that seemed a popular choice, so I’m glad I persevered .

The BBQ food is served from an open type kitchen and kebabs are on show, temptingly, behind the serving window, on long metal skewers.






You get great big chunks and salad, and can help yourself to the (quite spicy, green-brown) mint sauce. To be honest, I’d like to try more of their menu soon because the mains look lovely, and the BBQ Chicken Tikka did the job fine.

Due to its popularity though, especially on match day, I cannot really give it my full recommendations yet because, due to it being jam packed, I have only tried the BBQ so far……..

However I will return so provisionally  4 stars…



Very very licensed.

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